Exam Generation

QBgenerator provides the ideal solution for managing your new & approved exam questions, benefit from full authority approved questions for Basic Training Option (Part-66 Appendix I Syllabus) & Type Training Option (ATA 100 Chapter System) all stored in one easy to use system that can also generate your exams & manage results.

EASA Part 66 Exam Generation

Exam Generation

  • Pre-configure exams (total number and number of questions per subsection etc.)
  • Select Licence Category
  • Select Class to be examined, and all Students in the class will be enrolled for the exam.
  • Random Pick exam questions
  • Hand Pick exam questions
  • Question sheets and answer sheets (with Examinees' names) printed
  • Print exam reports

Exam Formats

  • Printable Paper exams
  • Online (kiosk) exams at computer



"QB Generator From Total Training Support, The Easy Way to Manage Your Exams"
All Part-66 Modules and Subsections incorporated (to latest EC 1149/2011 standard) add additional Modules and Subsections as needed.

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