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QBgenerator provides the ideal solution for managing your new & approved exam questions, benefit from full authority approved questions for Basic Training Option (Part-66 Appendix I Syllabus) & Type Training Option (ATA 100 Chapter System) all stored in one easy to use system that can also generate your exams & manage results.

Basic & Type Question Management

  • Upload and edit questions
  • Categorise questions by Module/Subsection or Engine/Aircraft Type/ATA100 Chapter
  • Grade Questions by Knowledge Level 1,2 or 3
  • Add diagrams/figures and special characters (e.g. Greek) to questions
  • Move or Copy questions between Modules/Subsections or Engine/Aircraft Types/ATA100 Chapters
  • Content approval system for questions (optional)
  • Language Approval system for questions (optional)

Printed Paper or Online Exams

  • Print out exams and Marking Sheets to paper hard copies - one for each examinee, or
  • Conduct paperless exams using a small network system, wired or wireless.  Includes instant and automated marking of exams and immediate feedback to Examinees.



"QB Generator From Total Training Support, The Easy Way to Manage Your Exams"
All Part-66 Modules and Subsections incorporated (to latest EC 1149/2011 standard) add additional Modules and Subsections as needed.

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