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What hardware/software do I need to supply in order to run QBgenerator?

For Printed exams, you need just a single standalone computer with Windows operating system (Windows XP, Vista or 7) and a printer. For Online exams, you will need the above, plus a small network system set-up.

To conduct exams online (paperless) what network hardware do I need?

You will need the QBgenerator installed on a PC or Laptop, and several "kiosk terminals" (with only a browser installed, such as firefox) networked to it.  The network hardware we recommend is something like the Draytek 2860N WiFI Router/Firewall, a 48 Port Smart Gigabit Switch (for wired system only) and a 10M CAT5E Patch Lead for each terminal. The network is very easy and cheap to set-up. The Terminals can be PCs, Laptops or Tablets, as is your choice.  Laptops or Tablets are more expensive but make the Exams system portable, so you do not need to dedicate a whole classroom to the exam system.

For the Online Exam system, how many examinees can take an exam at one time?

If you use a wired network, it depends on the number of Ports on the network switch.  Typically 48 Ports are used, but you can get a switch with over 100 ports.

If you use a wireless network, the number of examinees sitting an exam at one time is unlimited.

For the Online Exam system, can different exams be conducted at the same time?

Yes, providing each exam is generated independently.

Is the wireless network system secure?

As secure as can be. A pass code is required to access the wireless network.

Can you supply and set-up a network system for us?

Yes we can. Just let us know your requirement (room size, how many people to access network, wired or wireless etc.) and we will quote you for the supply and installation.

For the Online Exam system, can different exams be conducted at the same time?

Yes, providing each exam is generated independently.

Do you install the QBgenerator for us?

Yes we install it and we provide training on its use.

Can QBgenerator be installed on our Intranet Server?

Yes it can but your server administrators will need to install it, and we will not support the installation.

Is QBgenerator up to the EC 1149/2011 standard of Part-66 syllabus?

Yes, in its entirety.

Does QBgenerator come with multiple-choice questions already loaded?

Yes, this is an option for the Basic Version. See the Question Packs information page for your options and prices.

The Type Version does not have the pre-loaded multiple-choice questions option.

Can QBgenerator handle Essay Questions?

Yes, you can store Essay questions and print Essay question exams on the Basic version.

Can we mark paper exams using a scanner?

Yes, but you need a 3rd-party software from Gravic Remark Office, and a suitable scanner with an automatic document feeder. The Remark Office will scan the Examinees' answer sheets and output a small txt file.  QBgenerator can then read the txt file to import all the results in one go.

Do you provide training on the use of QBgenerator?

Yes we do.  This is included in the purchase price. It usually takes a day and we perform this either on your own premises or on our premises as you prefer.

Is QBgenerator Part-147 approved?

QBgenerator is already in use by several EASA Part-147 approved organisations, and it is enabling them to manage questions, exams, trainees and their results. As such, it has been assessed by local National Aviation Authorities (NAAs) and is acceptable as a tool to be used within a Part-147 approved infrastructure.


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