QB Requirements and Specifications

QB System Requirements

  • Windows platform (Windows 7 or later version) - Laptop or Desktop.
  • No internet connection required to operate QBgenerator (but is necessary if you need support via TeamViewer)
  • USB or SD card connectivity (for periodic backups to flash drive)
  • Any browser (Firefox recommended)
  • Printer (paper printer for hard copies of exams and reports, and PDF printer for electronic archiving, such as the free cutePDF printer)
  • Network system for Online Exams (not required for Paper exams).  This can be wired or wireless.



  • Intranet server system capable of running PHP and mySQL

QB System Specifications

Basic Licence Exam Question Management

  • Upload and edit questions (multiple choice and essay questions)
    • set:
      • Question Originator,
      • Question Verifier,
      • Part-66 Module and Subsection
      • Difficulty Level (1, 2 or 3)
  • Input questions manually, or upload from .txt file (unlimited number of questions)
  • No limit to number of questions stored and managed
  • Bulk edit questions or individual edit, with WYSIWYG toolbar.  Set text font, style etc. Import and add images (diagrams) to questions/answers as required. Change image size and position within question /answers.
  • Record question history (dates and author/verifier of changes to questions)
  • Trash unwanted questions (into trashcan - trashed questions can always be accessed and un-trashed if necessary)
  • Record Facility Index (a percentage indicator calculated on the number of examinees who answer the question correctly)
  • List and sort questions by Module, Subsection or alphanumeric
  • Copy or Move questions to other Modules
  • Language Approval system for questions (optional)
  • Search and Filter questions (options: Subsection, wordstring, Licence Category (A, B1, B2 etc.), Difficulty Level (1, 2 or 3), approved/not approved)
  • Periodic questions review alert (optional)


Type Exam Question Management

  • All above features available but uses ATA 100 Chapter numbering system for Subsections
  • Type questions database totally separate from Basic Licence questions database


Administrator Management

  • List, filter and sort system administrators
  • 3 administrator levels:
    • Level 1 - Exams Manage, can access all areas, include edit questions and generate exams, can change system settings and set-up other administrators
    • Level 2 - Subject specialist, can edit questions and generate exams. Register to specific Modules or Aircraft/Engine Types. Each Module or Aircraft/Engine Type can have a different administrator
    • Level 3 - Office Administrator, can generate exams and input results only


Examinee Management

  • Upload Examinees (manually or import from .txt file)
  • Set Examinee Class name, identification number, date-of-birth, place-of-birth
  • List, filter and sort examinees


System Configuration

  • Comprehensive 'Control Panel' allows Level 1 administrators to set and configure all parameters
  • Set these parameters:
    • Number of answers for multiple choice questions (3 or 4)
    • Circles or squares on answer grid
    • Question hibernation (percentage of exam questions and number of generations to hibernate - optional)
    • Number of questions for Multiple Choice questions (used on Examination Title page)
    • Number of questions for Essay questions (used on Examination Title page)
    • Question Level exclusive (usually used on Basic Licence exams) or inclusive (usually used on Type exams)
  • Configure examination Title Page text, header and footer text - include company logo
  • Edit and Add new Modules or Aircraft/Engine Types (unlimited amount) - also possible to set-up unrelated subjects, such as Fuel Tank Safety, Human Factors, EWIS etc.
  • Edit and Add new Subsections or ATA 100 chapters (unlimited amount)
  • Configure Certificates, style and text
  • System Back-up - Regularly back-up al configuration settings, questions, administrators, examinees and results to any USB or SD card connected device, or system drive. Back-up all system files. Roll-back to any previous back-up.
  • Configure Online Exam preamble text
  • Configure Online Exam post exam action (show results or show other instruction to Examinee)
  • Configure examinations - Question Difficulty Level (1, 2 or 3) set per subsection or ATA 100 chapter, Number of questions to select per subsection or ATA 100 chapter, total number of questions per examination


Generate examinations

  • Choose Module or Aircraft/Engine Type
  • Select Exam Date
  • Select Examinees (by Class to which they are registered)
  • Review the Exam before saving
  • Select Paper Exam or Online Exam
    • Paper Exam has Examinee's Paper, Examinee's blank answer grid sheet (with names pre-printed), Examiner's Paper (with answers and references), Examiner's grid sheet (answers filled), Attendance Register
    • Online Exam requires each Examinee to have a browser enabled laptop, desktop or tablet. Administartor can print a copy to PDF or paper for archive.
  • Each exam has a unique Reference Number
  • Print examinations to PDF for electronic archiving


Results Management

  • Input results after each exam
  • Manual input system
  • Automatic input system (using a sheet feeder and third party Optical Mark Recognition software from gravic.com)
  • Examination and Question effectivity assessment review



  • Print Individual Examination Report (shows Examination date, Module or Aircraft/Engine Type, Class, Examinees present, questions included, results detail)
  • Print List of Exams between selected dates - shows exam reference number, date of exam, class, number of examinees etc.
  • Print Student Report (select start and end date - shows all exams and respective results for the Examinee between selected dates)



  • Print individual Examinee Certificates after each examination
  • Print individual Examinee Certificates showing all Examinations passed
  • Certificates configured in accordance with Part-147 requirements - user configurable - company logo and custom text/citation
  • Certificates have unique serial number
  • Print historical certificates (when Examinee requests replacement)


Help Section

  • Comprehensive help section integrated with cross links, search facility and bookmarking
  • Information links ("i" icons) on all features.  Just click the icon to show an explanation and instruction of how to use)



All of the above is provided for a ONE-OFF payment of £3,500 (plus VAT if applicable).  Additional expenses may be incurred for installation/training outside of Europe. Discounts are available depending on configuration


Support Service

  • Bugs are fixed free-of-charge for the lifetime of the system
  • Minor modifications and system configurations are provided free-of-charge for a period of 2-years from installation.
  • System upgrades are provided free-of-charge for a period of 2-years from installation.
  • Custom modifications can be provided for a quoted fee for a period of 2-years from installation.



  • Price include:
    • Full installation by our IT expert, with Modules (Basic Training system) already set-up and configured in accordance with the Part-66 syllabus currently in force.  All questions included and configured as per the Question Pack options (if any purchased)
    • System tested and demonstrated
    • Training provided on all features of the system (approximately 1/2 day)



Need a demo?

We can provide a full system demo (at no cost to you) either on your own premises anywhere in Europe, or via Skype (anywhere in Europe or Worldwide).  We can install a demo on any of your computers of your choice (subject to the System Requirements above) with some demo questions included so you can try it out for yourself, in your own time, for a 1-month period.  No obligation!



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